Saturday, September 28, 2013

             Teapots 31-33, all earthenware. 

             Top, Cobalt brush marks on Glossy White — always reliable.

             Middle, Glossy White; lid single dipped, bottom 1/4 double dipped 
             with Falls Creek Shino. That glaze was Karen's suggestion. 
             I was nervous about doing the whole thing, so I just did the lid. 
             I shouldn't have double dipped the bottom, should have made it 
             FCS only. I thought it was a discard after the firing because there 
             glaze was stuck to the lid and gallery, but — Joel pried it off! 
             with minimal damage. I was so happy.
             Bottom, tried again with the new Atlantis Aqua, firing the lid 
             and body separately. It worked this time.


wedensday's creations studio said...

Love all of your teapots - I have pottery on my list of want to dos as well.

I imagine it to be very meditative and I understand that it good practise for someone who needs to learn to let go and realize the beauty of new beginnings. I could use a dose of that!

Nan Carey said...

With all the beautiful things you make with your hands, Kate, I think you would love it!